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Евперативна програма - Иновации и конкурентоспособност 2014-2020
Избор на изпълнител/и за надграждане на съществуваща ERP система с модули с нови функционалности
Persy presented its current solution portfolio based on the new Intel Xeon v3 processors
The Bulgarian integrator marks a steady revenue increase and expands its presence in Western Europe.

11 November 2014 12:11

The seminar was inaugurated by Mr. Eugene Karpatchev, CEO of Persy Ltd., who outlined the main competitive advantages of the company. The 20 years of experience in offering server configurations makes Persy Ltd. a leading hardware equipment supplier for all kinds of applications. Mr. Karpatchev defined the focus of the company as an aspiration for exact and effective fulfillment of the customers’ needs and explained that this is being achieved by offering a full range of services – from the consulting to the aftersales support. The main accents in the company’s activity are the constant pursuit of work processes improvement and the pedant built quality.


Евгений Кърпачев


For the past year the company was proud to deliver more than 1400 servers in many European countries. The share of international orders grows steadily and at the moment exceeds 20% of the total revenue.

Persy Ltd. remains focused on its Bulgarian customers to which it offers maximum flexibility in the manufacturing and servicing of servers. It also works for establishing long term loyal relationships with its customers.

The company emphasized its readiness to support with its know-how all companies, which apply for funds from European programs. Persy also makes hardware deliveries for the largest physics laboratory in the world – CERN.

Persy’s specialists Svetoslav Karpatchev and Plamen Varbov presented particular products and solutions, which were used in real projects for different customers. The wide range of products from Intel, Supermicro, Qsan and Qnap makes it possible for the Persy experts to offer a specialized solution for each particular task. Along with the capability to provide a totally customized service, Persy offers three models of prebuilt servers - Ready to Go, which are ready for immediate integration in the customer’s IT infrastructure if the time for assembling and reliability testing is unsufficient.



The best testimonial for the excellent partner relations with Persy and its competitive advantages, which make it a market leader, were the opinions shared by company’s customers. They pointed out that they are enjoying an adequate service, minimum reaction time and a full coverage of their specific needs for each of their projects. Added to this is the high reliability of the Stinger branded systems and their long term of operation.

The new technologies and performance advantages of Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 compared to the previous generation server processors were presented by Mr. Ardis Minasian, Intel representative for Bulgaria. He spoke about the 70% performance increase of the new processors, thanks to the Intel AVX 2 technology. The new Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors deliver 36% improvement in energy efficiency and advanced capabilities for administration and virtualization. They use the new DDR4 memory, which works at 2133 MHz.



Luka Gerzic from Supermicro presented the whole range of the brand’s solutions which are based on the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors. The new X10 platform offers an outstanding level of integrity and performance – a system with 36 cores, 1.5 TB DDR4 RAM, 10 hard drives and 4 10GBASE-T controllers fits in a 1U chassis. As interesting were the models from the Twin and Micro Cloud series, which offer a big amount of flexibility and capabilities to get very serious capacity and productivity. The peak in terms of density of computing power is the Micro Blade series, which offers 784 servers in a single rack. The storage and network lines of products were also presented. The new components meant for building reliable high performance workstations and gamer system also attracted a lot of interest.


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