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Chieftec AF-0925S, 92 mm

Size (mm): 92 x 92 x 25 (sleeve bearing)
Volt (DC): 12V
Speed (RPM): ~2200
AirFlow (CFM): 35
Noise (dB): 25
Connector: 1 x 3 pin MB connector incl. speed sensor wire, 1x Molex
Scope of delivery: Fan, set of screws

Цена: 6.40 USD без ДДС

7.68 USD с ДДС

Chieftec AF-1225S, 120 mm

Size (mm): 120 x 120 x 25 (sleeve bearing)
Volt (DC): 12V
Speed (RPM): 1650
AirFlow (CFM): 55
Noise (dB): 28
Connector: 1 x 3 pin MB connector incl. speed sensor wire, 1x Molex
Scope of delivery: Fan, set of screws

Цена: 6.40 USD без ДДС

7.68 USD с ДДС

Chieftec CMR-125 an additional HDD/SSD using a PCI slot

The highly innovative backplane CMR-125 sets a new standard by providing an additional HDD/SSD mounting option using a PCI slot. Compatible with all 2,5” HDDs/SSDs (height: 7 ~ 9,5mm) it sources its power via the SATA connection and offers LEDs to indicate HDD access and power while trays are detachable for easy installation. The case being 100% metal and lockable with 2 keys ensures maximum security. All installed discs are hot-swappable which makes it suitable for diverse applications.


Interface (HDD/SSD)        SATA I, SATA II, SATA III

Dimension (DxWxH)        138mm x 79mm x 11mm

Weight  0,12kg

Form Factor        1x PCI Slot bay for 1x 2,5" HDDs/SSDs (max. HDD/SSD height up to 9,5mm)

Cooling N/A

Power Connector             1x SATA

Data Interface (ext.)        1x SATA

Material               Full Metal structure

Special Features               HDD LEDs

Scope of delivery              SATA Backplane, 1x SATA cables, 2 keys, set of screws, User manual

Warranty             24 Month

Цена: 13.00 USD без ДДС

15.60 USD с ДДС

Chieftec CEB-7025S 2.5 inch Mobile Rack USB3

The CEB-7025S is one of the best storage solutions currently available on the market. Featuring the Super Fast USB 3.0 port, the box is best suited for 2,5” SATA I/II/III HDDs and SSDs with a maximal height of 15mm! The body is made of a high quality aluminum alloy and dissipates the heat perfectly. User will not miss the Hot Swap nor Plug and Play technology. The design impresses with its timeless elegance.

Form factor        1x 2.5" (SATA-HDD/SSD, max. Height 15mm)

Dimension (WxHxD)        135mm x 85,4mm x 18mm

Weight  0,109 Kg

Power   via USB 3.0 Data Cable

Data transfer rate            up to 5 GBit/s (USB 3.0 Super-Speed)

Power Supply     -

Connector           USB 3.0 (mini USB 3.0 Host)

Material               Aluminum / Plastic

Special Features               Plug & Play

Scope of delivery              1x CEB-7025S, USB3.0 Data cable, stand, HDD Installation Guide

Warranty             24 Month


Цена: 23.00 USD без ДДС

27.60 USD с ДДС

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